Privacy Policy

Privacy Declaration & Authorisation for the collection, use & disclosure of information.

I/We understand and authorise that: The information received from me/us will be securely held by the introducing Dealer and Auto West NZ Ltd. I/we may access and correct this information under the Privacy Act 1993.

The information may be used by Auto West NZ Ltd to: consider my/our application for a credit account; administer, manage and monitor any credit account provided to me/us; conduct market research, data processing and statistical analysis; and generally do business with me/us.

Auto West NZ Ltd. may disclose information about me/us to its agents, contractors and/or to credit reference agencies for the purpose of obtaining a credit report on me/us. Those credit reference agencies may retain that information and provide it to their customers who use their credit reporting services.

Auto West NZ Ltd. may each obtain information and make such enquiries about me/us as each of them considers is warranted from any source including, but not limited to, employers, other credit providers, government departments, relatives, and credit reference agencies for the above purposes.

Current indicative quotation is subject to Auto West NZ Ltd’s lending criteria.

Interest rate is subject to change based on result of full loan assessment.